BlogFood Trend Friday: Warm up for the Winter

Trying to think of creative ways to warm up your guests at your winter wedding? Incorporating stations with warm beverages like egg nog or apple cider is a great way to keep your guests feeling warm and cozy.  Try a station with different types of egg nog; dairy free, spiked with your favorite bourbon or spiced rum, or old fashioned for the children. Not a fan of egg nog? Try the same concept with apple cider! The cider can be mulled with various spices, spiked with brandy or spiced rum, or paired with other fruits, such as apricots, oranges, or cranberries, to infuse an additional flavor to this classic drink. Freshly baked cookies and milk can also bring in some warmth and provide a tasty late night snack for everyone of all ages at your wedding from children to your grandparents.




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