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Wedding favors are what your guests get to take home with them after your big day as a “thank you” for their presence. While the send-off is the last thing they will remember from your night, the favor is the tangible gift they get to use after the evening is over. The summer season offers a chance to have a lot of fun with wedding favors. Favors ranging from homemade lemonade to tiny apple pies are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, and potted plants are the perfect low maintenance gift that guests can enjoy more than once. There is absolutely no reason why you have to give out generic gifts if you don’t want to. The favor is one more chance to spice up the wedding day and be creative. Even gifts as simple as matches or mints can be jazzed up with cute packaging or an awesome display. No matter what you decide to do, just remember to let your personality shine, and your guests will love the favors as much as they love you.




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