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Color of the Year: Emerald

Pantone’s color of the year is emerald, and as we are halfway through 2013, it is the perfect time to share our color love of this luxurious hue. Emerald is such a great color because it can fit in to any season. When paired with blush or nude, it offers a pop of color that is refreshing and interesting for spring and summer. Emerald paired with gold, silver, or even other jewel tones creates a rich color scheme that is unforgettable.


Emerald is a color that can be added to a wedding in a variety of ways and still look great. It can be used as a primary wedding color to add drama or flair. Perhaps all your bridesmaids are in emerald, or maybe all of the tables at the reception are draped in the radiant color. On the flip side, using emerald as your color pop will instantaneously make any ceremony and reception lively and lush.  No matter how you choose to use emerald, the color screams fashion-conscious, adventurous, and unique. Using emerald is the perfect way to take risks, have fun, and stay classy all at once. No wonder it’s the color of the year!




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Trend Report: Casual Groomsmen

We’ve been following the hot wedding trends this summer, and the already cool idea of jazzing down the groomsmen has exploded this season. First, they nixed the vest or changed the color. Then, they took off the jacket, and many rolled up the sleeves. Some even took off the vest and added suspenders or a bow tie. Today, groomsmen are playing with color, texture, fabrics, and silhouettes to create their own distinct look. Although it is your wedding, why not let the groomsmen have a little fun and let their personality shine through? For years, bridesmaids got all the choices: color, length, and style. Meanwhile groomsmen accepted that they would be in all black with whatever tie you picked out. It’s time to let the guys have a little fun as well. No matter if you decide to do something subtle like grey instead of black or wild like completely mismatched outfits, you can rest easy knowing that your wedding will be just a little bit more fun and unique for everyone involved.




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Wedding Inspiration: The Whimsical Wedding

In today’s world, your wedding should be a reflection of you and your spouse-to-be. There is no “wedding rule book” that says everything has to be done one certain way. Even though you come up with a theme or an idea to center your wedding around, it can still be uniquely you. It doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) look like everyone else’s wedding with the same theme or color scheme. It should be special to you and be a memory you will cherish forever. The wedding should say exactly what you want about two individuals coming together and forming your own special unit. No one will ever have a marriage exactly like yours, so why not start being different from day one?


Thus, we decided to share a few whimsical ideas with you this week. The whimsical wedding can take on any shape you want. It can be loud or subtle, and any color scheme can be used. The trick to a whimsical wedding is in the details. It needs to be fun! You want your guests to look at the favors and say, “that is so Jane and John.” The whimsical wedding is all about personality. The best part is that you can put as many or as few extra personal touches in as you want. If you both love riding bicycles, maybe featuring a bike beside the cake table would be a nice touch. If you are a polka-dot fan, you could even throw a few dots on the cake. Essentially, if you think your wedding is fabulous and a great time, so will your guests. Everyone is there to love and support you, so why not have a little fun with it?




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Being the Tech-Savvy Bride

This is the year of technology. Everywhere you look someone is texting, tweeting, sharing, and snapping. Social media has become an important part of our everyday lives. It’s how we communicate and keep up with others around the world, so why wouldn’t you want to use it on your big day? Recently, there have been 2 big trends when it comes to social media and a wedding: the real-time update and the organizational app.


In today’s world, almost everyone has a smartphone. Everyone will be bringing that smart phone to your wedding, so why not make the best of it? Brides today are creating their own unique hashtags for their wedding day. Some are even creating signs with the hashtag for all the guests to see and begin using as soon as they walk in to the reception. The hashtag is a terrific tool to show the bride and groom a little love. Who wouldn’t want to be trending locally on twitter? When using instagram, the hashtag actually helps sort pictures your guests upload into one convenient spot!


Wedding apps have begun phasing out wedding websites. Now your guests can do everything they want with a tap and a swipe. Apps such as Appy Couple includes the best of both worlds. A wedding website is included when you sign up and use the app. The app gives guests the opportunity to read your story, browse pictures, review the wedding party, access the registry, and even leave a message for you! The app is just one more way of connecting with your guests before the big day. Of course, an app can’t replace a formal invitation your guests might expect, but it certainly does add a little bit of fun and a personal touch.


For more information about instagram, click here. The app is available for android and apple devices.


To learn more about Appy Couple, click here. To see the demo wedding website they created, click here. This app is available for apple and android devices.




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What We Love: Succulents

The popularity of the succulent has been continuously on the rise this year. We absolutely love them! When used in weddings, they are little plants that make a big impact. Maybe it’s because they look beautiful and fit in almost anywhere. These fun plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they even vary a little in color, too. These plants are perfect inside of a bouquet, as part of a table centerpiece, or pinned on your groomsmen. We even recently had a wedding where our bride sent succulents home with her guests as favors! Whether it’s the non-traditional pop of green they add, or the touch of whimsy they bring, we really hope succulents are here to stay.




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Finding Bridesmaids Dresses Your Girls Will Want To Wear Again

Every bride wants to have her closest girlfriends with her on her big day, however, often when a bride asks her best friends to become bridesmaids their first response isn’t “yes!,” it’s “What do I have to wear?” As sad as it sounds, bridesmaids-to-be have had a lot of time to watch movies and dig through old pictures of their mom, aunt, or cousin in some perfectly hideous frock or another. The girls are prepared for the ugly. You, being the sweet and gracious bride you are, however wouldn’t dream in putting them in something that looks like a tablecloth. In fact, you’re looking for dresses the girls will like and want to wear again. The only question is: Where do you go to find them?


Finding bridesmaids dresses is a tricky task. If you want to put all the girls in the same dress, it needs to flatter every body shape. If you want different dresses, you need to find something that comes in a few styles but is still in the same overall theme. Now include the added stress of making sure the girls are happy with the picks, and you have a recipe for disaster.


Never fear, dear bride. We have just the solution! Instead of going to one of the generic bridesmaids stores to pick out dresses that look just like what every other bridesmaid will wear, we suggest looking to where you and your maids shop every day. Stores such as White House/Black Market have dresses in their “occasion” section that would look perfect walking down the aisle. What’s even better is that these dresses are already cocktail party approved and will be perfect to wear again styled differently! J. Crew and Ann Taylor have tapped into the bridesmaid market by setting up “boutiques” online with wedding worthy dresses in stock. Ann Taylor boasts a few dresses that even look similar so your girls could wear something different but look the same. J. Crew lets a shopper choose their fabric and then browse from there. Nordstrom is always a great place to look because they are constantly getting in new looks and styles from favorite designers like DVF or Kate Spade.


The great thing about getting the dresses at a specialty store like J. Crew or a luxury department store like Nordstrom is that there are stores everywhere! No matter where the girls live, they are close enough to the store of your choice to be able to buy the dress. Just because the wedding party is spread out across the country does not mean that you have to settle for mediocre dresses. Also, these dresses are not all designated for just bridesmaids. The girls can keep wearing them long after your wedding day. Choosing dresses the girls love and will want to wear again makes for happy bridesmaids and a stress-free bride.




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Staging the Perfect Send Off in Style

Everyone loves to end a wedding by saying goodbye to the bride and groom and wishing them well on their new adventure. Traditionally, rice or birdseed would be thrown as the happy couple hopped into their getaway vehicle and left the party behind. Today, send offs have become one more way a couple can express their individuality and spirit to set them apart from everyone else. A send off is the last thing a guest will remember from your wedding, so it’s one last chance to make sure you have the best wedding ever. A fun and unique send off is the perfect way to add your signature to the entire wedding day. We’ve decided to share just a few of our favorite send off ideas to get your thoughts flowing, but really the sky is the limit for how you want to share the last minutes with your guests!


1. Sparklers

The sparkler is growing in popularity and making it’s way into wedding send off’s everywhere. Sparklers are appealing because they are simple and go with any wedding theme. The sparklers get lit, the bride and groom run through, and then all the sparklers go out on their own. There is no muss or fuss, and the pictures look absolutely phenomenal!


2. Biodegradable Confetti

Confetti is an obvious choice for any wedding send off. It can come in any color under the rainbow, and would be extremely simple to DIY. The best part about the confetti is that it is eco-friendly and dissolves in water! No one needs to worry about any negative impact on the environment, instead just let the confetti be tossed and enjoy.


3. Pennants

Pennants are super fun, especially for a shabby chic or vintage wedding. The pennants could include your monogram, be multicolored, or even have little messages on each one. Pennants are perfect for the bride who wants something a little non-traditional, but still wants to keep it simple.


4. Streamer Wands

Streamer wands are perhaps the option that gives you the most flexibility when it comes to personalization. The streamers can be in any material, any color, and at any length. Some brides may choose to only do one or two colors, while others may want all the wands to be multi colored. The ribbons might be printed or have glitter, and you might even want to fasten a bell on the end to add a little noise. Streamer wants are great for a bride who wants to have a lot of options, and they also double as an extra wedding favor!




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Trend to Watch: “Natural” Wedding Cakes

Since Hillary Duff got married almost a year ago, the “natural” wedding cake trend has been on the rise. Sometimes called unfrosted, naked, rustic, or even homey, these cakes are a fun and different way to add a small personal touch to your big day. Let’s face it, some people just don’t really like icing. However, most people want a cake in some form or another. It’s tradition! A natural wedding cake puts you in complete control and might even make the cake taste better. The cake itself is in the spotlight since what is usually hidden by a forgiving layer of fondant is now out in the open for all the world to see. After you pick the flavor, the icing between layers, and maybe even a little fruit, you’re done! You know what it’s going to look like and don’t have to stress about it. An unfrosted cake is simple, and we have even read that they are perfect for summer weddings because there is less icing to fall or melt in the heat.  These no-icing cakes leave little to the imagination and look delicious. The unfrosted cake might not be for every bride, but they are a charmingly unexpected way for you to have your cake and eat it too.




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Trend Report: Non-traditional Wedding Dresses

In the year 2013, all clear cut rules for weddings have become a thing of the past. You can invite whomever you want, eat whatever you want, and perhaps most importantly, wear whatever you want. That’s right, ladies! You absolutely do not have to wear a long white dress if you don’t want to. This is the year of color! All of our favorite designers are doing dresses in blush, red, pink and even in floral patterns. High-low and short dresses are popular now as well. Choosing a non-traditional dress is a great way to make sure that you stand out. If you are feeling daring, or just want to have a bit of fun, why not change up the wedding gown to create a huge impact? Whether you decide to play with color, shape, length, or all three, you will be remembered for your bold choice for years to come.


For more style inspiration and ideas, take a look at our Pinterest board here.


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Three Hot Summer Wedding Colors for 2013

As our summer really starts rolling, we wanted to take a moment and talk about three major color trends this season. Pastels are here to play! The colors you have grown to love this spring are rolling over into summer weddings in some really interesting ways. All three of our top colors have a soft side and the potential to pop.


The number one color we are seeing right now is blush. This muted pink tone has been around for a while now, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Blush is a wonderful color to add to any color scheme because of its versatility. It is neutral without being boring, and feminine without being too girly. Blush can be matched with a variety of colors to soften or romanticize any wedding. It can be mixed with purples or pinks to tone down the punch, or it can be used with greens and golds to create a natural or even rustic color palette. We certainly can’t forget the look of blush paired with black or grey to create a look of drama. It’s subtle, classic, and beautiful.


The second color we are spotting everywhere is lilac. Pantone launched their spring 2013 color list in December of last year, and a lilac-esque color called African Violet was at the top of the list. Since then, this hue has popped up everywhere. The great thing about lilac is that it’s fun and has a presence without being overpowering. Recently, lilac has been used in a lot of natural settings with greenery and florals to make the color really pop. Lilac is also seen with other purples in monochromatic color schemes or to create an ombre affect. Lilac is a wonderful color because it’s bright and fun while still being classic and soft!


Finally, our last major color trend of the season is mint. This color exploded in the spring, so it was only a matter of time before it found its way into weddings. This color is fresh, new, and modern. It’s an updated twist on the “tiffany” or “pool” blue hues that have been so popular in the past. This is a color for brides that feel adventurous, but still want to be subtle. Mint, in all its blue-green muted glory, takes center stage when paired with gold or silver. For those of you who are feeling daring, using pops of coral with the mint makes for a sweet summer palate that packs a punch.




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